Aibo ERS-311 | ERS-312

ModelERS-311 Latte / ERS-312 Macaron
Year2001 - 2003

The Aibo ERS-311 or LATTE was introduced on September 22nd 2001. The LATTE is a cheaper version of the AIBO and does not have wireless capabilities. The 311 is also refereed to as an LM series robot. The 311 is available only in white. The sensors on the 311 are the tail and the movement of AIBO’s head, up for scolding or down for praise. The light on the top of AIBO’s head is for interpreting his/her mood. There are also sensors on each paw.

The Aibo ERS-312 “Macaron” was released a year after the original ERS-311 which was then available in black; 2001