Sony Aibo ERS-210

Year2001 - 2003

Following on from the sale of the first ever autonomous entertainment robot AIBO ERS-110, Sony now introduce a 2nd Generation “AIBO” ERS-210 that has a greater ability to express emotion for more intimate communication with people.

The new AIBO has additional movement in both ears and an increased number of LED (face x 4, tail x 2) and touch sensors (head, chin, back) which means that it can show an abundant array of emotions such as “joy” and “anger”. In order to increase interaction with people, the ERS-210 series most distinctive feature, its autonomous robot technology that allows AIBO to learn and mature, has been enhanced. It will now include features frequently requested by AIBO owners such as a Name Recording Function (recognizes its own name). Voice Recognition (recognizes simple words) and Photo Taking.

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