Sony Aibo ERS-220

The Aibo ERS-220 is Sony’s 4th version of the AIBO Robot, sold alongside the second-generation AIBO, the ERS-210. Aibo ERS-220 is much the same as the ERS-210 but looks much more like a futuristic robo-dog, abandoning the animal looks of the 210. This AIBO has a tiny digital camera instead of the opening mouth of the ERS-210 There’s also a switch on its head that can be used to praise or scold AIBO for its behaviour, and a set of LEDs which shine blue if the dog’s happy, and red if it’s angry. There’s an additional group of LEDs on its back.

Aibo’s head also has a retractable spotlight which flicks up and switches on and off when AIBO is especially pleased. It can also be used to light a scene when taking a picture. When you get AIBO at first, it is a bit like a puppy and its up to you to train it. How you do this determines whether it turns into a creature that constantly seeks attention, and is happy when it receives it, or an independent creature that’s happy to play on its own.

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