Sony Aibo ERS-7

ModelERS-7 MK2
Year2001 - 2005

Extraordinarily skilful, AIBO is able to connect wirelessly with other electronic devices, transferring photos, sound fi les and messages. Through sharing your memories, learning your likes, getting to know your environment, it will become in every way a truly unique individual. Entertaining and comforting you when you’re glad, sad or angry, reflecting a wide range of emotions through its lively LED-illuminated face, AIBO will become, in fact, your best friend.

With its smooth allure and wit, AIBO will easily become a great companion and entertainer. Throw a bone, and it will fetch it for you. The same with a ball, AIBO will gladly play with it. Tell your AIBO what you want it to do, either with your voice or by using the convenient instruction cards.