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For Sale

Very rare to find suck a good condition Sony Aibo ERS 111, a real bargain… Sony intended to market a limited quantity of “AIBO” entertainment robots, maintain close contact with the users, and use their feedback to plan the establishment of an entirely new market for robot entertainment. Ever since the completion of order taking, however, Sony has been flooded with requests to purchase “AIBO” robots not only from customers... 


Aibo’s recent article on the New York Times

The New York Times recorded the life of a current-day Aibo owner in a completely heartbreaking video. They interviewed owners, whose Aibos are a part of their lives, but are slowly having to come to the fact that their dogs have a life expectancy. This is the final episode in a Bits video series, called Robotica, examining how robots are poised to change the way we do business and conduct our daily lives


Sony Aibo gets 2nd in Website of the Month!

We are very pleased to announce our fantastic website has grabbed an award! We finished runner up in the Heart Internets Website of the month competition! Check out the their blog here All thanks to the hard work and skills by the great team at Websmart, great way to start a new month!    

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