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Aibo gets jiggy with it!

Over the year’s Aibo has hit our screens in many famous movies & music videos, one of the coolest included Janet Jacksons music video Doesn’t Really Matter! Catch the Aibo getting Jiggy!


How to buy a Aibo

Even though an AIBOs are not living creatures, interacting with the extremely sophisticated “artificial intelligence” software makes it easy for most people to think of an AIBO less as a robot and more like a living creature. This one features makes Aibo very attractive pet! (No poop!) Sony began their robot research project in 1993, it is doubtful even their brightest marketing minds could have suspected how wildly popular their robotic... 


The Aibo Tribute

Hi Everyone, Yes welcome to a one stop shop for everything we know and loved about the wonderful Sony Aibo. This site is dedicated to showcase the Aibo robots in all their glory, featuring glossy images, latest videos from around thew world and even some downloads to enhance you Aibo’s! AIBO (Artificial Intelligence roBOt, homonymous with “pal” or “partner” in Japanese: aibō (相棒?)) is an iconic series of robotic... 

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