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For Sale

Very rare to find suck a good condition Sony Aibo ERS 111, a real bargain… Sony intended to market a limited quantity of “AIBO” entertainment robots, maintain close contact with the users, and use their feedback to plan the establishment of an entirely new market for robot entertainment. Ever since the completion of order taking, however, Sony has been flooded with requests to purchase “AIBO” robots not only from customers... 


Sony AIBO life 2 ERS 210A for sale

Fantastic example of the Sony AIBO, excellent condition, original boxes and complete manual booklets… Any questions feel free to contact me and I’ll get back asap …. Thanks for looking, happy bidding.. Perfect Christmas present! if you have any more Aibos for sale, please let us know we will promote you listing for free


Excellent Sony Aibo ERS7 White for sale…

Check out this ERS7, currently on ebay Details : White Sony Aibo ERS-7 M2 to M3.   I have owned this Aibo for several years, and enjoyed playing with him and watching him learn new tricks.  He is now at very advanced learning stage, and continues to surprise me with new tricks from time to time.  I have also downloaded 3rd-party programs for him over the years, which add another dimension to the experience.  He has been to Aibo Bob for servicing... 

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