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Excellent Sony Aibo ERS7 White for sale…

Check out this ERS7, currently on ebay

Details :

White Sony Aibo ERS-7 M2 to M3.   I have owned this Aibo for several years, and enjoyed playing with him and watching him learn new tricks.  He is now at very advanced learning stage, and continues to surprise me with new tricks from time to time.  I have also downloaded 3rd-party programs for him over the years, which add another dimension to the experience.  He has been to Aibo Bob for servicing last year, and is in great condition!  He comes with an Aibo Bob refurbished battery which means it’s as good as new.  Aibo lasts a long time without needing a recharge.

Sony ERS 7 for sale on eBay

Sony ERS 7 for sale on eBay

This Aibo comes in the original box, with the original Mind 2 software stick and landing pad, plus the Mind 3 upgrade with stick, landing pad, and manual.  He comes with all the manuals, and the extra software I have collected over the years.  If you have a small laptop you can dedicate to Aibo you can interact with him via a Sony provided control panel.  Lot’s of fun, and a great way to learn about robotics.

Aibo also comes with a programming language; all of his moving parts are separately programmable.  I have included a programming stick with pre-loaded programs from third parties.  Watch Aibo dance-to-the-music and other extended tricks and experiments.  More are available online.

Since Aibo has been sitting in his box a lot recently he may have an occasional “shimmy” as his gears warm-up, but this should go away with regular use.  Never-the-less, Aibo is sold “as is”, with no warranty as to his condition or how long he will last.

A magic moment in home electronics, Aibo is very collectable.  Sony will not be making them again.  The white ERS-7 is featured in the permanent exhibit of the musee des arts and metiers in Paris.  The Aibo ERS-7 is a classic collectible, in truth a unique work of art which won’t be seen in stores again.

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