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For Sale

Very rare to find suck a good condition Sony Aibo ERS 111, a real bargain…

Sony intended to market a limited quantity of “AIBO” entertainment robots, maintain close contact with the users, and use their feedback to plan the establishment of an entirely new market for robot entertainment. Ever since the completion of order taking, however, Sony has been flooded with requests to purchase “AIBO” robots not only from customers in Japan and the US but also from Europe, where the limited edition model was not available. In considering how to respond to this excess demand, Sony has decided to launch a special edition “AIBO” entertainment robot, model [ERS-111].

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11 Responses to For Sale

  1. rogel espina says:

    hi, there i really like to have one. i love them, i wish i have one please.

  2. Robin Lamar says:

    Do you know where an Aibo can be repaired? Broken leg Thanks, Robin

    • Smartie says:

      Hello, you can try they may be able to help! good luck 🙂

      • linuxed says:

        Hey, just for future reference… Aibohospital has been gone for years. Nobody has heard from X-Wolf and co for ages- last word was that the shop had a fire and they lost everything. I think it’s safe to say that they’re gone for good.

        WolfBob @ and is still around and he does a great job.

  3. Tim says:

    Hi everyone
    Does anyone have a aibo ers7 for sale
    Please let me know

  4. Kerry Amyes says:


    I have a Sony ERS7 with Mind3. Bought from Las Vegas November 2003. It is white and in excellent condition, only tried to use it about 6 times and was too much for me. Has been packed away ever since.

    I am in the UK, any idea how I can sell it?


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