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The Aibo Tribute

Hi Everyone, Yes welcome to a one stop shop for everything we know and loved about the wonderful Sony Aibo. This site is dedicated to showcase the Aibo robots in all their glory, featuring glossy images, latest videos from around thew world and even some downloads to enhance you Aibo’s!

AIBO (Artificial Intelligence roBOt, homonymous with “pal” or “partner” in Japanese: aibō (相棒?)) is an iconic series of robotic pets designed and manufactured by Sony. Sony announced a prototype robot in mid 1998.The first consumer model was introduced on May 11, 1999.New models were released every year until 2005. Although most models were designed dog-like, other inspirations included lion-cubs and space exploration, and only the final ERS-7 version was explicitly a “robot dog”.

AIBOs were marketed for domestic use as “Entertainment Robots”. They were also widely adopted by universities for educational purposes (e.g. Robocup) and research into robotics and human-robot interaction.

Sony’s AIBOs have been used in many movies (Including Terminator 3, Click and TV Series Frasier), music videos and advertising campaigns as futuristic icons.

January 26, 2006 Sony announced that it would discontinue production of AIBO and several other products in an effort to make the company profitable. Sony’s AIBO customer support has been withdrawn gradually, with support for the final ERS-7M3 support due to end in March 2013.there still is third party support is available, such as repairs and battery refurbishment, we will try to link these company’s for you in sections of our site.

In 2006, AIBO was added into Carnegie Mellon University’s “Robot Hall of Fame” with the description “the Sony AIBO represents the most sophisticated product ever offered in the consumer robot marketplace.” We love Aibo!

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